As our children and teens adjust to school life post-lockdown, the potential threat of COVID-19 for some young people continues to cause overwhelming anxiety. Joyful Hearts is always available online for 1:1 ZOOM classes for children and teens living the Marlow area, please reach out on 07799 198700.

Mindful Yoga is delighted to be back in local Marlow schools on the following days/times, however both parents and students must now sign Joyful Hearts COVID-19 policy as part of the booking process: 



1:1 Mindful Yoga Classes live on Zoom £7 ppph

If you know and love any young people who may be struggling with overwhelming anxiety post-lockdown, I can be available for 1:1 mindful yoga classes using ZOOM as and when requested and diaries allowing.


Understanding the areas of concern that are unique to your child/teen allows me to fine-tune and be more creative with my yoga lesson plans, mirroring your efforts at home to address specific behavioural problems, such as anger, grief, relationships, loneliness etc that manifest with overwhelming anxiety.


Learning mindfulness techniques to hone self awareness and self acceptance is highly recommended for children/teens diagnosed (or not) with GAD, ADHD or any other symptoms on the Autistic spectrum.

If you would like to arrange 1:1 zoom yoga lesson please call or text Chrissy on 07799 198700


Mindful Yoga in local Schools Post Lockdown

Joyful Hearts is delighted to return to offer Mindful Yoga in local schools, supporting the health and wellbeing of young people as they navigate life and school post-lockdown.


This year's theme is "The Embodied Teen" as we focus on a somatic curriculum that will improve body-mind awareness, kinesthetic intelligence and social-emotional learning. Each lesson will prioritise the key learning outcome 'self-regulation' which has been cited by Neurobiologists as one of the strongest predictors of success.


For schools who wish to offer Mindful Yoga classes integral to their PSHE, PE, Dance, SEND curriculum, please call Chrissy on 07799 198700. Each of my programmes are specifically tailored and invoiced to meet your school's learning outcomes and requirements.


10 Weeks Mindful Yoga Breakfast Club for Y7 & Y8s every Thursday 7.30-8.30am at SWBGS is £81
10 Weeks 6th Formers every Wednesday 2-3.30pm at SWBGS invoiced to the school
10 Weeks Mindful Yoga Lunchtime Club for Y9s every Friday 12.45-1.45pm at Wycombe High School is £100


FREE Mindful Yoga for Clubs in the Marlow Community available upon request

I minister a series of FREE mindful yoga classes across all age groups for the Marlow community on an adhoc basis:

As a Volunteer for the Childrens and Youth Ministry and as a member of All Saints 4U Churches in Marlow, Teen mindful yoga with a biblical-focus on mental health and body image is available to girls attending the CAKE Youth group and boys attending AXIS Youth Club on Wednesday evenings;


Mindful yoga to support local Junior football teams available upon request.


Holy Yoga for adults as part of a small group available on demand.

If your club is interested in running a sports-focused Mindful Yoga class call Chrissy 07799 198700

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