Online payment is preferred, usually in advance of the term's classes and only when a space has been allocated to your child(ren).

Alternatively you can pay directly via BACS into my bank account, or request an invoice. Please email me: if either of these are your preferred method of payment. Thank you!

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Mindful Yoga Wellness Teacher Programmes for Inset Training

Bringing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom is common for forward-thinking schools where teachers are seeing a marked improvement in academic standards and student behaviour as a result.  

Mindful yoga for teaching staff is also highly recommended to combat the increased stress placed on a teacher's vital and expanding roles.

Inset training sessions are wholly 'experiential' and can be tailored to meet the teaching staff's specific needs.

Sharing different breathing techniques, simple yogic postures and 'in the moment' mindfulness exercises is an invaluable tool in today's classroom. Each teacher is encouraged to role-model to students by setting time aside each day to practice in a cosier classroom environment.

Private Secondary School references available upon request. 







Inset Teacher Training is £300 for 90 mins (Negotiable for State Schools)


Spring 2020 Mindful Yoga Wellness Clubs in School

Joyful Hearts runs weekly breakfast, lunchtime and after-school mindful yoga clubs in Marlow schools as well as Wycombe High School for Girls during term time only. Yoga & Mindfulness is an excellent way for kids and teens to enjoy quality down-time whilst learning healthy ways to manage stress. Each class involves breathing techniques, fun and engaging yogic exercises & mindful games - all wrapped up with a gentle meditation to encourage relaxed alertness.

My in-school wellness programmes are themed to complement the UK's PSHE and PE National Curricular and address specific emotional intelligence / physical / learning and behavioural development needs for each key development stage, and can be tailored to meet the school's goals.

Mindful Yoga can be a life-line for students who struggle with anxiety, hyperactivity or self-confidence issues especially around transitions, 11+, SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels or a distressing homelife. 

6th Form Yoga & Mindfulness at Sir William Borlase Grammar School every Wednesdays (fees arranged by the school)
Teen Yoga & Mindfulness at Wycombe High Girls School is £100pp for 10 weeks
Y3 & Y4 Yoga & Mindfulness Breakfast Club at Holy Trinity is £80 pp for 10 weeks
Y5 &Y6 Yoga & Mindfulness at Holy Trinity on Tuesdays is £90 pp for 10 weeks
If you're school is interested in my Mindful Yoga Wellness programme call Chrissy on 07799 198700


FREE Mindful Yoga Classes in the Marlow Community

I minister a series of FREE mindful yoga classes to the wider Marlow community on an adhoc basis as a Volunteer for the Childrens and Youth Ministry of All Saints Marlow, during school visit for RE lessons; I also offer teen mindful yoga to Girls' attending the CAKE Youth Club (term time only). 

If your club is interested in running a Mindful Yoga class call Chrissy 07799 198700


Private Tuition for Your Child/Teen/Family

Working on a 1:1 basis allows for a more tailored consultative approach and targeted lesson plan. Understanding the areas of concern that are unique to your child/teen or family needs allows me to fine-tune and be more creative with my lesson plans to address specific problem at home or school, such as anger, grief, relationship, anxiety - so as to meet your child where they are. Learning Mindfulness techniques is highly recommended for children/teens diagnosed with ADHD and/or on the Autistic spectrum or if you have concerns about potential mental health issues.

Private Tuition for Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids under 11 is £20 ph
Private Tuition for Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens (11+) is £25 ph

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