During COVID-19 all Joyful Hearts online Mindful Yoga classas are FREE for kids & teens living the Marlow area. All you need to join is dowload the free ZOOM meeting app and text me the name of your child/teen attending: 07799 198700 just so I know who to expect for the class! 



Private Tuition available upon request

During COVID-19, I am available for live and online 1-2-1 mindful yoga lessons using the free Zoom meeting app.

Understanding the areas of concern that are unique to your child/teen allows me to fine-tune and be more creative with my yoga lesson plans that will support your efforts at home, to address specific behavioural problems, such as anger, grief, relationships, anxiety etc. Learning mindfulness techniques, honing awareness and acceptance of oneself is highly recommended for children/teens diagnosed (or not) with ADHD or symptoms on the Autistic spectrum.

Private Tuition for Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids under 11 is £20 ph
Private Tuition for Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens (11+) is £25 ph


Home School Mindful Yoga Classes now FREE online

Weekly FREE ONLIVE Classes for Schools

Join me live and online FREE via ZOOM:

From 2 June, for Years 5&6 classes, every Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm

From 23 April for Years 3&4 classes, every Thursday 3pm-4pm

From 24 April for Years 7&8 classes, every Friday 4-5pm

Each class involves breathing techniques, fun and engaging yogic exercises & mindful games - all wrapped up with a gentle meditation to encourage relaxed alertness.

Mindful Yoga can be a life-line for children & teens who are finding home-schooling very stressful! Coming soon - check out my YouTube page for new pre-recorded lessons. 




Mindful Yoga for Teachers available upon request

Bringing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom is common for forward-thinking schools where teachers are seeing a marked improvement in academic standards and student behaviour as a result.  

Mindful yoga for the wellbeing of all teaching staff is highly recommended to combat the increased stress placed on the teacher's vital and expanding role.

Private Secondary School references available upon request. 




Mindful Yoga Classes for the Marlow Community available upon request

I minister a series of FREE mindful yoga classes to the wider Marlow community on an adhoc basis as a Volunteer for the Childrens and Youth Ministry of All Saints Marlow. I offer teen mindful yoga to girls attending the CAKE Youth Club and boys attending AXIS Youth Club. 

If your club is interested in running a virtual Mindful Yoga class call Chrissy 07799 198700

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