Mindful Yoga in Education for the Optimal Wellbeing of Young People

Welcome to Joyful Hearts - A Health & Wellness Provider for local Schools, supporting:

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 Passionate to about prioritising the mental health of our young people in an educational setting, Joyful Hearts offers curriculum-driven, Mindful Yoga Enrichment Programmes, designed to equip and empower all children and teens with the essential tools they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Post lockdown and following strict social-distancing guidelines, Joyful Hearts is delighted to be heading back into schools on the following days/times :

Sir William Borlase every Wednesday 2-3.30pm for School Years 12 & 13

Sir William Borlase every Thursday 7.30-8.30am for School Years 7 & 8

Wycome High School every Thursday 1.45-2.30pm for School Years 9

 Enjoy online Yoga Lessons or listen to Pre-Recorded Meditations here

 What makes Joyful Hearts Mindful Yoga unique is the age-appropriate educational content I weave into each lesson to bring school subjects to life (primarily PSHE, PE & science and available for 1:1 or small group of children with SEN) as I am certified to teach yoga anatomy, physiology, socio-psychology and neuroscience.

Teaching a young person why mind-body awareness is important to realising their full potential through greater self-regulation; demonstrating how to follow the breath moment by moment during a yoga flow, to balance the nervous system, are just two examples of the ways I encourage young people to embody the full benefits of a regular Mindful yoga practice for their optimal well-being.  

Students are encouraged to play to their strengths and hone their individual Multiple Intelligences (innate in all of us) which I acknowledge by integrating music, art, maths, science, literacy and nature as often as I can.

 In the true sense of 'yoga' which literally means to 'unite' Joyful Hearts yoga lessons envelope the growing needs of a young person's physical, mental (intellectual), emotional and social and even spiritual wellbeing (as faith-based classes are available upon request).

My philosophy for teaching Mindful Yoga as part of a holistic wellness programme in schools uniquely draws on the most up-to-date neuroscientific research that cites the more ways our brain can process and absorb information, the more it can retain and retrieve new information in any given moment. Children and teens learn much more when they feel relaxed and happy, so I vow to make each Joyful Hearts class fun and experiential, providing a safe and comfortable space for each young person to explore their whole self - by awakening their inner spirit.

With regular practice Mindful Yoga leads young people to feel:

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Interviewed by The Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine, 13 March 2016.

Regular Co-Presenter on Marlow FM Radio Good-morning show on Friday's with Julie Greatwood, founder of Because Parents Matter.

Supporting Mental Health Charity YoungMinds #helloyellow campaign

Listed as a local resource for Mental Health Charity Anna Freud UK 

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