Mindful Yoga in Education for the Optimal Wellbeing of All Young People

Welcome to Joyful Hearts - Mindful Yoga exclusively for Teens and Children.

My aim is to make yoga and mindfulness wholly accessible and integral to the daily lives of teenagers and children attending schools in and around Marlow UK. 

I approach this by imparting practical life skills that help young people to develop a greater self awareness and deeper self-connection through a regular yoga practice, which is not only empowering but absolutely essential to realising one's true potential - so it really is my privilege to prepare the path for young people so they can live a full, healthy and balanced lifestyle and receive a more rounded, 'holistic' education for optimal wellbeing.  

Every Joyful Heart yoga & mindful wellness programme is taught in the school setting and offers more than just a yoga class! By integrating a range of discplines from music, art, maths, science, literacy and nature, my lessons serve to enhance a PSHE or PE lesson, and achieve learning outcomes as set out in the UK's National Curriculum.

Each lesson follows a successful formula and in addition to promoting a child/teen's physical wellbeing, is designed to instil moral values and bolster their emotional intelligence (appropriate for their key stage development) such as loving kindness, compassion, resilience & self-control, where young people are encouraged and expected to take responsibility for their choices, actions & behaviour.

My philosophy for teaching Mindful Yoga draws on the neuroscientific research that the more ways our brain can process and absorb information, the more it can retain and retrieve new information in any given moment; and because our brains can be wired to learn more when we feel relaxed and happy, Joyful Hearts yoga classes are always interactive, experiential and provide a safe and comfortable space for our young people to learn about their bodies, mind and awaken the innate spirit inside.

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NEW for 2020: Mindful yoga for SATs for ALL Year 6 pupils of Holy Trinity School

Additional Mindful Yoga Wellness Programmes for Young People

Teacher Training; 1:1 Private Tuition at home; Bespoke Family Workshops; Trendy Yoga Birthday parties for Girls & Boys aged 4-16. 


As part of my voluntary commitment to All Saints Church, Marlow, I offer an R.E.focused mindfulness classes for KS1 pupils of Sandygate & Spinfield school.

I also offer Mindful Yoga to a youth club for Y7+ teenage girls called CAKE on Fridays 7.30-9.30pm at All Saints Church Hall (term time only)

Practicing yoga and mindfulness on a regular basis is a gift and will help kids/teens and families to:

  • Be more aware & accepting of their physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing
  • Improve concentration and self regulation skills (both in school and at home)
  • Remain calm and present 'in the moment' (excellent around exam time/sibling rivalry)
  • Improve overall health & fitness - muscle strength, flexibility, balance, posture and focus (popular for sports/atheletes)
  • Trust their intuition - boosting self-confidence and inner belief (when facing difficult decisions or relationships breakdowns)
  • Show respect, kindness and humility to others and the wider world we live in
  • Adopt a growth mindset to life and feel joyful in their hearts - no matter what!

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Interviewed by The Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine, 13 March 2016.

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