Joyful Hearts is delighted to bring Mindful Yoga classes into schools.

Consent by both the Parent/Guardian & Child/Teen for Joyful Hearts Health & Safety & Safeguarding Policy is mandatory at the time of booking. 


Staff Wellness Workshop

The COVID pandemic has not only impacted the mental health of our young people... teacher burnout has become a pressing issue.

My Staff Wellness Workshops aim to significantly improve our Teacher & Pastoral staff's ability to create a calming and influential classroom environment, that will holistically contribute to the measured success of every child/teen. 

Each workshop begins with a short presentation to share the scientific research into the benefits a regular Mindful Yoga practice has across the key stages age groups (acknowledging how Teen Yoga is different to Adult Yoga); this session will provide useful tips and techniques for teachers & pastoral staff to take into the classroom.

Part 2 of the workshop is a fully experiential and restorative Mindful Yoga practice for Teachers & pastoral Staff to enjoy the benefits in body & mind first-hand.


A Staff Wellness Workshop is £150 for 90 mins


Mindful Yoga in Schools

My Teen classes this summer will delve deeper into how Yoga supports different Sports; as well as dovetail with tools that support "Mental Health Awareness" week in schools.


Physical strength starts with a positive mindset, and many young athletes find yoga and mindfulness adds value to their existing training programme because of its many benefits to body & mind: increased flexibility, range of motion, stronger muscle and bone density, reduced risk injury/injury rehabilitation and above all, a clear & purposeful mind.


Each student will monitor their biomechanics week on week to see the difference a regular yoga practice makes. 

Mindful Yoga in Schools Wellness Workshops is £75 for 90 mins
6th Form students at Borlase's Grammar Wednesdays 2.30-3.30pm
Mindful Yoga for KS3 Boys every Tuesday is £90 for 10 wk-term
Mindful Yoga for KS4 Girls Thursday lunchtime is £90 for 10 wk-term


Family Yoga & Mindfulness Classes are £35 per week

My Yoga and Mindfulness family classes have proved really useful to help families find harmony in the home and enjoy quality down-time together and it may be just what your family needs during lockdown! 


Understanding the areas of concern that are unique to your child/teen allows me to fine-tune and be more creative with my yoga lesson plans, mirroring your efforts at home to address specific behavioural problems, such as anger, grief, relationships, loneliness etc that manifest with overwhelming anxiety. 




2:1 Online Mindful Yoga Classes are £25ph for child & parent

Learning mindfulness techniques for greater self awareness & self acceptance to develop self-regulation is highly recommended for children/teens diagnosed (or not) with General Anxiety Disorder, ADHD and those with behavioural issues related to symptoms on the Autism spectrum.


If you know and love a young person who may be struggling with overwhelming anxiety due to lockdown, please contact Chrissy on 07799 198700 to arrange private tuition on a 2:1 basis for Child Protection & safeguarding purposes.


2:1 Online Mindful Yoga Classes are £25ph for child & parent

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