Joyful Hearts is delighted to bring Wellness Programmes in schools through Mindful Yoga.

Consent by both the Parent/Guardian & Child/Teen for Joyful Hearts Health & Safety & Safeguarding Policy is mandatory at the time of booking. 


Wellness for Students in Schools

The theme for my Teen yoga classes this Autumn is Postural Power. We will delve into how students establish a powerful presence and be wholeheartedly comfortable in their own skin in body-mind through a 10-week Mindful Yoga programme that builds week on week. 

At the end of the term students will have a greater awareness of self; demonstrate techniques that use efficacy of breath to stand tall; live strong in body and mind - boosting their physical fitness and emotional resilience.


Mixed Mindful Yoga for KS3&4 at Borlase Grammar School every Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm is £80 for 10wk term
Mindful Yoga for KS4 Girls of Wycombe High every Thursday lunchtime is £90 for 10 wk-term
6th Form students at Borlase's Grammar School every Wednesday 2.30-3.30pm - contact PE Dept


Wellness for Teachers & Pastoral Staff in Schools

My weekly Wellness classes promises Teachers & Pastoral staff a truly calming and peaceful end to each school week - which will not only serve their health and wellbeing as individuals, but through regular practice will holistically contribute to the measured success of their students. 

Each session will include useful tips and techniques from Joyful Hearts extensive Yoga toolbox, that teachers can adapt in their classrooms as and when appropriate.  

Classes will introduce a variety of breathing techniques, flowing yoga sequences, rounded off with a fully immersive guided meditation. 


Wellness for Teachers & Staff is £12 per week or £120 for 10-wk term


Family Wellness Classes cost £200 for 6-week Programme

My Yoga and Mindfulness family classes proved really useful during lockdown, helping families find peace and harmony in the home, whilst enjoying some quality down-time together! 


Understanding specific the areas of concern that are unique to your family's pain point (child/teen/parenting style) allows me to fine-tune a mindful yoga wellness programme exclusively for you.

Together, your family can overcome any unresolved anxiety/stress issues, that is so often the reason for negative behaviours such as unkindness, anger or dissension in the home. 


Family Wellness is £200 for a 6-week Programme


2:1 Mindful Yoga Classes are £35ph for child & parent

Learning mindfulness techniques is scientifically proven to improve awareness of self, others and the world we live in. Accepting that life has its ups and downs, strengthen's our resolve to hone self-regulation skills that we come to rely on as and when circumstances change.

So it is highly recommended for children/teens who may be diagnosed (or not) with a mental health issue - such as General Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, ASD or who have simply picked up bad behavioural habits in order to cope day to day - practice Mindful Yoga on a regular basis to reap long-term rewards as they grow into adulthood. 

If you know and love a young person who may be struggling with overwhelming anxiety, please contact Chrissy on 07799 198700 to arrange private online or in-person tuition.

2:1 Online Mindful Yoga Classes are £35ph for child & parent

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