Booking Form & Consent

Classes can only be booked once you have received confirmation (via text) that a space is available. Both parent and student must also consent to the mandatory Health & Safety & Safeguarding Policy below when you book.

If you have any Qs please text Chrissy on: 07799 198700.

Please tick the Yoga Class you wish your child/teen to attend:

  • All information in this parent/guardian & student mandatory Health & Safety consent form is confidential and must be completed, before your child/teen’s first Mindful Yoga class (whether face to face or online).

    I understand that Chrissy Longley of Joyful Hearts will take reasonable care to ensure my child(ren)/teen’s personal safety is paramount, and that health and safety guidelines will be strictly followed by my son/daughter during Joyful Hearts Mindful Yoga classes (whether face to face or online via Zoom).

    My child(ren)/teen and I (parent/guardian) agree and consent, that in engaging in physical activities, there is some risk of injury. We assume these risks and I accept that it is my child(ren)/teen’s responsibilities to follow Chrissy’s clear and concise instructions so as to avoid personal injury.

    I am advised by Joyful Hearts to contact my child/teen's GP with any concerns that may affect his/her participation in Mindful yoga classes prior to their first class.

    I confirm my son/daughter’s medical issues as follows:

  • Total: £0

    By clicking the button below on behalf of my Child/Teen I hereby consent to Joyful Hearts Health & Safety & Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 2021

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