About Chrissy: background & credentials

Chrissy Web

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Professional Yoga Therapist for Teens aged 11-21 years www.teenyoga.com certified to teach yoga anatomy, physiology, socio-psychology and neuroscience.

Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher for children aged 4-11 years, London 2011 www.calmforkids.com

YogaKids Foundation Certificate awarded, Singapore, 2007 www.yogakids.com

Affiliate Member of the Yoga Alliance UK for Schools 

Member of the UK's PSHE Association

DBS approved (Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority)

Qualified Children's First Aider: www.childmatters.co.uk

Yoga-link £7M professional liability insured: www.wellbeinginsurance.co.uk

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My Background

I discovered the benefits of yoga in the mid 90's as a young and ambitious marketer in the UK's financial sector - it kept me grounded amid the stresses, challenges & busyness of life.

In 2003, I seized the opportunity to live and work in Asia, where I began to practice yoga everyday and it rekindled a real passion in me because of the way it made me feel - healthy, confident, composed and more 'self-aware' than I had ever been.

During my first year in Hong Kong, I volunteered at two Christian childrens charities, namely Mothers' Choice (who provide a boarding home and school for abandoned, pregnant teenagers, in addition to offering foster and adopted homes for their new-born babies); and secondly the Matilda Child Development Centre (a pre-school for children with autism and mental disabilities) where I worked as a Teaching Assistant. Both charities truly captured my heart and became life-changing experiences.

 The following year, I relocated from Hong Kong to Singapore, and enrolled on the YogaKids (YK) Teacher Training foundation course. Excited by what I had learned and its philosophical approach to a 'whole-child' education, I successfully passed the course and began working with my YK Mentor, Miss Hasna, a truly inspirational teacher and founder of Positive Focus (www.positivefocus.com.sg). I inherited a true passion for sharing how the brain works and the benefits of adopting a growth mindset in our children.

In 2010, I returned to the UK and the following year, graduated from Calm For Kids. I began to gain experience teaching yoga & mindfulness to children as an after-school club at a local Montessori primary school in Berkshire.

After a fixed-term marketing management role ended in 2014, I couldn't wait to return to teaching yoga & mindfulness and ran (voluntary) after-school club at LVS Junior School Ascot; Teenage Yoga Summer Camps at Girls Heathfield School in Ascot, and private weekend yoga & mindfulness classes in Surrey for boys and girls of both primary and secondary school ages. I also presented an experiential "Mindfulness in Schools" teacher training day to St. George's Teenage Girls Boarding School Ascot over 2 inset days.

In 2015 my family relocated to Marlow-On-Thames in Buckinghamshire UK, and I officially launched Joyful Hearts Creative Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens & Kids the following year. Now my working week consists of healthy balance of teaching weekly after-school & lunchtime clubs in Schools; wellness programmes for 11+ & SATS in schools; 1:1 yoga & mindfulness tuition for children with specific behavioural issues or learning needs; R.E. focused mindfulness for local infant schools & a weekly evangelical group at Sir William Borlase Grammar School's Donut Club.

It is my hope that every child/teen I teach will yearn and cherish precious down-time, allow themselves time to decompress and reconnect and experience the difference a regular yoga and/or mindfulness practice can make to their young lives as they grow into adulthood.

Every child is a light in this world and deserves to shine brightly, each and every one of them should be given the very best start in life - regardless of background; if I can create a spark of curiosity and show young people how to nurture their health and wellbeing, then I will be fulfilling my ambition for Joyful Hearts. 



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