Mindful Yoga in Education for the Optimal Wellbeing of Young People

Welcome to Joyful Hearts - Approved local resource for Mental Health Charity Anna Freud UK and Everlief Child Psychologists, Buckinghamshire & avid supporter of:

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 Passionate about prioritising the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in education and equipping young people for 21st century living. Joyful Hearts offers Wellness Programmes in schools through Mindful Yoga in Marlow & neighbouring towns.

I am delighted to be back for Summer Term offering the following weekly classes :

Mixed Years every Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm at SWBGS - Click to Book & Pay

Mixed 6th Form Period 5 every Wednesday 2.30-3.30pm at SWBGS

KS4 Girls every Thursday 1.30-2.30pm at Wycombe High School -  Click to Book & Pay

Teacher & Pastoral Staff every Friday 4-5pm at SWBGS - Click here to Book & Pay

1:1 Tutoring online & in person is available on demand

Family Yoga is available on demand

Access useful 'Screen' Brain-Breaks & Breathing Techniques for Home Schoolers

Access Pre-Recorded Classes & Guided Meditations

Combining my knowledge and skills as a Teens Yoga Therapist and a Wellness Coach for Yoga in Sports, I am certified in anatomy, physiology, socio-psychology and neuroscience. Teaching a young person why a deeper awareness of mind-body is important for self-regulation in adult life; or demonstrating how to follow the breath moment by moment during a yoga flow to rebalance the nervous system are just two examples of the ways I encourage students to embody the full benefits of a regular Mindful Yoga practice for optimal well-being in an educational setting. The physical 'yoga' postures are just 1 component of the Wellness programmes I design for schools.

Additionally, as a Mental Health First Aider for Youth and Bounce Forward Resilience Trainer, I am trained to recognise the symptoms of mental health issues and assist to offer support and information to signpost appropriate professional help. My role in schools is a pivotal one between the student, parents, the school and specialist agencies.

In class, students are encouraged to play to their strengths and hone their individual Multiple Intelligences (innate in all of us) during their Mindful Yoga practice on the mat, bringing to life their appreciation of music, art, maths, science, literacy and nature to the fore in pioneering of ways. I also like to identify each student's Love Language to make my teaching interactions much more personal

 In the true sense of the word 'yoga' which literally means to 'unite', Joyful Hearts nurtures the 'whole' child - in body (physical strength), heart (emotional intelligence), mind (intellectual/mental health) and spirit (higher purpose). The 8-point Teen Compass for Wellness workshop is another empowering tool I have adopted to lead young people to take ownership of their personal health and wellbeing.

And because children and teenage brains have the capacity to process more information when they are happy and relaxed, every Joyful Hearts class is wholeheartedly experiential, they learn how to receive feedback biomechanically from certain yoga postures and to heighten their mental alertness and emotional intelligence through targeted mindfulness techniques.

My mission for Joyful Hearts is to offer safe haven in an educational setting, to meet young people exactly where they are as they are learning to grow; awakening their inner spirit for a fuller, happier and more purposeful life into adulthood.

A Wellness Programme through dedicated Mindful Yoga leads young people to feel:

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